Come to Us for a Shower Screen in Coolum

We know glass; how to replace it, how to frame and which glass options are best suited for a shower screen in Coolum. We have been serving the Sunshine Coast as a premier glazier for the past 15 years.

Advantages of a Glass Shower Screen in Coolum

We manufacture, supply and install a variety of glass products, and if you need further convincing, you can view our latest projects or read more to see why our shower screens are the best choice:

  • Framed screens: If your bathroom is all white a white frame finish on your shower will enhance your style, we recommend the framed glass shower screen in Coolum. They come in a variety of styles and colours, are easy to clean and maintain, and a magnetic door and internal door gutter will protect the shower from rust or water damage.
  • Semi-framed screens: You may be doing a bathroom make-over or be building a house from scratch, and want your bathroom to have a modern, ‘clean’ feel to it. A semi-framed shower has a modern look with clear corners and edges for easy cleaning and a finished look.
  • Fully frameless shower screen in Coolum: Walking into a bathroom, the shower is the first thing to catch your eye, and a clear, transparent shower speaks of a modern, yet perfect look without unsightly aluminium or plastic frames that can appear tacky and detract from the aesthetics of your bathroom.

What Sets Elite Glass Services Apart Regarding Showers in Coolum

We concentrate on glass-related projects and work on the coast and the bigger Queensland area. Because we focus on one material, you know you will get the best glass installation service from experienced installers:

  • Once we have installed your glass shower screen in Coolum, we can see the same style through to the rest of your house. Security screens, mirrors and doors can all follow the same style, and we can work with you to coordinate and apply the same style on all the glass surfaces in your house.
  • Frameless shower screen Glass types in Coolum. You have chosen your style, and you are ready to have your glass shower screen installed.
  • We also offer replacement glass, depending on your needs, we have Cathedral glass which blurs visibility, Satinline glass that is abrasion-proof, the rough look of acid etched glass as well as the most popular clear toughened, Spotswood glass. As part of our service to you, we also provide maintenance of our products and can replace leaky doors, door closers and cracked or broken glass. We also do wet sealing to keep your frameless shower screen looking its very best.

Why Elite Glass Services is Cost-Effective

We are a privately owned small business so you will dealing with the owner of the business who is also the installer and we see the process through until installation and take care of further maintenance where needed. We provide you with the best quality products, without the exorbitant prices, and offer you a complete glass solution to ensure a consistent style throughout your house. We serve the whole coast as far south as Caloundra and as far north at Cooroy. Contact us for a free quote or to discuss your glass requirements with one of our team members.