Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner With an Elite Splashback in Noosa

Get a glass or mirror splashback in Noosa and keep your environment clean while you cook. A splashback in a kitchen is a panel used to protect walls and other surfaces from the stains of cooking. They come in many variants, from glass, mirror and feature picture.  We focus on glass, and we offer mirrored as an option. We also sell glass tabletops. They add to the beauty of the home while protecting your counters and tables from stains.

What Sets Elite Glass Services Apart Regarding Each Kitchen Splashback In Noosa

Quality splashback installation will add a modern and open feel to any kitchen where they’re placed. What makes the kitchen splashback options that we install different is:

  • Many Colours. Every kitchen is different, and we understand that every person is different, so we present you with a selection of alternatives. We make each glass splashback in any colour that you prefer, so if you need a darker colour to contrast with your kitchen’s décor or a lighter shade to emphasise its theme, we can do it.
  • Moisture, heat, and scratch-resistant. We create all our splashbacks in compliance with the standards of the Glass and Glazing Association of Australia, which means that they are resistant to many forms of wear and tear. They’re toughened glass meaning they will last you a very long time.

Choose between painted glass, mirrored, and coloured glass, and get a high-quality splashback that makes your kitchen look sophisticated while protecting your walls, floor and other surfaces from mould, dirt, and the stains of day to day living.

Benefits of Glass Splashback in Noosa With Elite Glass Services

Scratch backs provide many benefits along with their protection of your walls, floors, and other surfaces:

  • Easy to clean. We know cleaning is a hassle, and food and drink often gets in the nooks and crannies of any room. Glass and mirror splashbacks are easy to clean because of their smooth surfaces. The residue and stains of cooking come right off them, making the process of cleaning a simple one.
  • Every kitchen splashback looks good. Glass and mirror accentuate any kitchen that you can imagine. A mirror reflects the kitchen at you while you cook making the space seem more open and modern. Glass lets the light flow through it, this gives a natural feel to your kitchen as sunlight shines everywhere.
  • Cost-effective. The toughened glass splashbacks last a very long time. They’re designed to be durable meaning you will use them for a long time. Couple this with our extensive experience and affordable pricing, and you have a cost-effective product.

Why Elite Glass Services’ Glass Splashback In Noosa Is Cost-Effective

We have over 15 years’ experience in this industry. We repair, create, and replace all kinds of glass products. Our products and services are affordable, and we pay extra attention to every detail that comes up with every installation, repair, and replacement. We’re located in the Sunshine Coast and service the whole coast including but not limited to Noosa, Sunshine Beach, Peregian Springs, Coolum beach  and more.

Contact us and create an elegant kitchen with our splashbacks.